The service of dedication is filled with symbolism and tradition, our new scroll is likened to a bride and is welcomed into our midst under a marriage canopy and greeted by her sister scrolls.

Following our afternoon prayers our Sefer was dedicated

to our 6 million brothers and sisters who perished

in the Shoah.   To much singing the Scroll was then

paraded before the congregation and the service was

completed with a rousing Adon Olam.

In preparation to greet the new scroll our wardens took the scrolls from the Aron HaKodesh and carried them towards  the foyer

Meanwhile, coming from the Beit Hamidrash are the four chuppah supporters, our honoured senior member carrying the new scroll, our Rabbi and because today is an intermediate day of the festival of Succot, one of our younger members is carrying the lulav & etrog.

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Now with all the scrolls safely in the aron the next order of business was the afternoon prayer ( Mincha) led by Rabbi Zalud which led to  the initiation of the Sefer into its normal use during the Aleinu prayer.

With mincha completed our Chairwoman,Marissa Goldstone, welcomed all our guests from our Civic Dignitaries to members and officials of our sister congregations from around the country; explaining how our penny appeal started and also something of the history of our new sefer.


Where we parade the scrolls around

our Shul ~ with SONG

Rabbi Zalud led the dedication of our new scroll to the 6 million victims of the Shoah by intoning the memorial prayer

After a rousing rendition of ADON OLAM, led by a smiling Rabbi Norman, to complete the service, our visitors and members were invited to a buffet provided as always by our Guilde.

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